Microservices Meetup vol.6

Microservices from Backend/FrontEnd point of view

Microservices Meetup vol.6 is meetup for discussing/sharing about microservices and related topics.
I did presentation at Finc.inc. I shared how to change application, component architecture from Monolith to Microservices. And share open issue and how we were trying to resolve issues.

presentation at Finc.inc presentation at Finc.inc

This presentation is consturcted with 3 phases as below.
  • Chapter 1 - Developed many new service as monolithic architecture.
  • Chapter 2 - Extract domain, resource, function as independent api and becoming microservice architecture
  • Chapter 3 - Current approach. When developing FrontEnd application as SPA, how FrontEnd engineer think about microservice architecture.

This presentation is not just explaining about microservice itself, explained how Rakuten Travel architecture was changing, and evaluated result architecture from microservice architecture point of view.