reat tokyo plus

Large react product with 20+ FrontEnd Engineers in Rakuten Travel

react tokyo plus is react meetup in Tokyo. This is a presentation in this meetup.
I did presentation with colleagues at Mercari. As title, our theme is how to build large scale react application with big organization. And material and presentation language is English.
This presentation is constructed with 3 chapters.
  • Chapter 1 - Fundermental Implementation and Framework
  • Chapter 2 - Retrospective of project and remaining issue
  • Chapter 3 - Current action
I was in charge of chapter 2.
At least in Japan, as of 2018, 2019, there are not so many company, projects with 20 over front-end enginners. That's why we think our case study might be valuable for other company members, and we chose this topic. I mainly talked UI components library development and how to change our organization based on development phase.
Also I talked similar topic in different meetup and it's by Japanese.